I Want My Jobless Mom, 64, to Babysit My Kid but She Demands Payment

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A new mother needed help caring for her newborn when she returned to work. She asked her 64-year-old mother to babysit, but her mother demanded payment, leading to a conflict.

The mother explained her situation on Reddit, sharing that she had just given birth and needed assistance. She believed her mother, a homemaker since 1992, was the perfect candidate. However, her mother felt she was too old and had already raised her children, suggesting her daughter should consider staying home.

“I make $55k/yr, but have $39k in student loans + $20k in other debt,” the daughter shared. Her partner earned $36k/yr with $5k in credit card debt. Given their financial struggles, she couldn’t afford to stay home. Her mother, however, insisted on $20/hr, a car seat, a stroller, and compensation for travel.

The daughter found this unreasonable, stating, “I want to save money to bring down our debt.” She turned to Reddit for advice, but responses were harsh. Commenters felt she should have planned better and respected her mother’s right to refuse.

In the end, the daughter considered infant care as a more feasible option, realizing the situation strained her relationship with her mother.

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